We’ve had an incredible few days at the farm. On Friday, the boys enjoyed sleeping under the stars at Pete’s Pavillon, while the girls loves eating our farm fresh hamburgers!

Yesterday was our theme day, Alien Invasion Day! Campers arose to find a mysterious U.F.O in our Gaga pit, and crop circles in the field. Throughout the morning, counselors developed ‘strange’ green marks on their faces. By the time the afternoon rolled around, we were in full theme day mode. Campers split up into four groups and rotated between different stations: Alien Social Studies, Tin Foil Hat Making, Face Painting and lessons with the With Doctor. After this rotation, campers got to play a real-life version of Space Invaders up in the woods! During lunch, we even had a ‘possibly contaminated’ desert with green goo (icing)!

In the evening, campers we tasked with helping the aliens return to space, by collecting plutonium (glow sticks) that had been scattered around camp.

We had an excellent day, and we’re so excited to be participating in our Harvest Day festivities today.

More to come on that later!

Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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