Today, Farm Campers traveled back in time for our Medieval Day! This morning, we all played Popcorn King, an exciting game where campers travel through all parts of camp to collect money and materials in order to pop some popcorn! Today, campers made S’mores Popcorn, Italian Spice Popcorn, and even Chillies and Chocolate Popcorn!

After lunch, campers went through a rotation of a few activities including: Archery, Noodle Jousting and Boat Making. At the end of the afternoon, counselors took these “boats” out for a race on our pond. It was so much fun and the campers loved seeing their creations float (but mostly, sink) on the water!

This evening, campers are ‘Storming the Castle’. With cardboard, tape and other found materials, teams of campers will construct their own castles and continue to bombard others with dodge balls and water balloons!

We had an awesome day, and we’re looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!


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