This weekend the Farm was filled with high-energy activities and treats! Yesterday, staff planned and organized our theme day: Greek Mythology Day! In the morning, campers made their own shields, participated in water balloon fights and learned about Greek theater. In the afternoon, campers, with their new knowledge, played a big group game, which involved running, tagging and scavenging. To celebrate the day’s successes, our evening program was the dance! Clad in togas, campers danced the night away and had an incredible time.

Sunday is always a camp favorite because of all the extra rest. This morning campers got to sleep in and then have waffle ice cream sundaes for brunch! Today was particularly hot, so we spent the afternoon playing with our new slip n’ slide, hiking up the crusades and having water balloon fights. We ended the evening with a group BBQ and a raucous round of Dutch Auction in the dining hall.

After such an exciting weekend, we’re all happy to turn in early and return to our routine tomorrow morning, starting with chores!

Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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