There is nothing to dread about Mondays when you get to spend them at Farm Camp. Today is spent teaching everyone how life at the farm works and signing up for their week 1 specialties. Specialties happen twice a day and are an activity that campers do for a whole week, progressing and learning.

This week’s specialties:

Barn: learning about/ working with the animals at Farm Camp

Garden: exploring and learning about our two acre garden

Sports: soccer, football, kickball, mortal noodle, and more

The Council: debates and discussions about topics ranging from outer space to mac n’ cheese

Take Home Art: creating different pieces from the resources around camp

Shelter Building: using the forest to build huts and shelters

Ballroom Dancing: dancing!

Archery: mastering the art of archery, learning the history, building quivers and bows

Some other activities from today included:

-Goat washing

-Raspberry picking

-Nature bookmarks

-Mini hike


(Photo: barn specialty feat. goat Graham)

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