The final week! We can’t believe it is already Monday. This session has flown by.

We had a great weekend at Farm Camp.

Saturday: 80s detective day! Everyone at Farm Camp was attending the Police Academy and someone discovered that there was a criminal in the group. They spent the day working through clues and trying to uncover the criminal. Fake mustaches were made out of wool, old school cell phones were built, and lots of suspects were questioned. The culprit ended up being the Chief of Police!!! After solving the mystery and finding justice, everyone celebrated with an 80s dance.

Sunday: Harvest Day was lovely and relaxing. After sleeping in, campers and counselors spent the day using Farm Camp resources to make a feast for the whole camp to enjoy.

The menu:

-celery and potato soup (farm celery)

-vegetable lasagna (farm squash, zucchini, and carrots)

-chicken cordon bleu (farm eggs to bread the chicken)

-muffins (farm raspberries and blueberries)

-bread (farm eggs and herbs)

-salad (farm beets, lettuce, kale, carrots)

-carrot cake (farm carrots)

Monday: campers signed up for new specialties and Farm Camp resumed its normal schedule.

We had a rainy day but we did not let that stop the fun. We spent lots of time outside and even managed to do slip n’ slide!

Evening program: Boppers! Small teams compete to be the first ones to decipher a secret message. Teams have to complete silly challenges and avoid the ‘boppers’ running around with socks full of flour! If anyone gets bopped, the whole team must sit until a fairy comes to rescue them.

(Photo: the slip n’ slide crew!)


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