Weekends at Farm Camp are packed full of fun. Saturday is theme day and Sunday is harvest day.

The theme this Saturday was a complex story about two staff members who were searching for hidden treasure and they were looking in different decades and different countries. Farm camp jumped in to help the search! We all got in a time machine to transport us to different time periods and countries. Throughout the day we visited five countries: Turkey, Greece, China, Egypt, and Japan. Some of the activities included making origami cranes, chasing lightning bolts, decoding hieroglyphics, and making paper lanterns. After the treasure was found we celebrated with a camp dance.

On Sunday all the campers enjoyed brunch and a long rest hour. The rest of the day was spent cooking as each yurt had a different dish to make for the whole camp. Harvest day is a time where we try to use as many resources from the farm as possible. Campers made beef empanadas, potato latkes, kale chips, garlic herb bread, cucumber salad, kale frittata, and carrot cake. Most of the produce and all of the beef came from Farm Camp. We ate banquet style- we set up the tables in a long row out on the lawn. To finish a lovely day we played a game called French Revolution- a Frost Valley favorite. It is a game about stealth and strategy as campers triple up and travel through the woods to reach a rock that counselors are perched on.

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