The first three days were very warm here at the farm. We did a lot of water games, broke out our brand-new slip ‘n slide, gave out tons of reminders to drink water and put on sunscreen! The campers all did great taking care of themselves during the hot days!  After our warm weather we finally had some much-needed rain!  Our garden is looking fantastic now that it has had lots of water and is ready for some harvesting to be done on Sunday when we have Harvest day. The campers have all had time with the animals at farm camp. Currently they are spending a lot of time with the goats. On Monday a group of campers spent time participating in goat stretching. 

Today is theme day! We are having a Summerween theme day! Campers have an option to make a costume if they choose and we have lots of fun October activities planned! Mazes, watermelon carving (and eating), a monster mash (camp dance), and numerous other options!


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