Session four has gotten off to a lovely start. Last night we welcomed everyone with opening campfire where campers and staff got to perform and sing songs.

Day one was a success! It is hard to dislike Mondays when you are at Farm Camp. Today campers signed up for specialties. Specialties are skill-building courses that run on weekdays. Our creative staff members come up with programs that are a great mix of silly and educational. Campers take two specialties per day, four throughout their time here. This week we have lots of fun options for the campers to pick. During specialty 1 we have offered barn, garden, cooking, knitting, British etiquette, and challenge course. During specialty 2 we have offered barn, garden, blacksmithing, pillow making, and relaxation.

Some of today’s activities included washing wool, feeding kale to goats, making journals, and harvesting potatoes.

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