Greetings from Farm camp! This week we welcomed 55 brand new smiling faces to the farm! We started session 3 off with an opening campfire where we got to see many songs, skits, and talents put on by the campers and counselors.

Everyday our campers wake up in the mornings and head out to do chores before breakfast! They help the farm run by mucking the barn, collecting the eggs, feeding our animals, or setting up for meals in the dining hall.

Then, after breakfast, the campers have their specialty classes! These are activities that the campers will participate in every day for the whole week. This week they get to choose from barn, garden, sports, breadmaking, blacksmithing, and resin jewelry making, among others.

They also have the chance to choose from many different camper choices. This is where they choose an activity that they want to do for one hour that day. This week we have done creeking, boating, reading in the orchard, smoothie making, berry picking, goat poetry, and many more!

This weekend the campers will get to participate in theme day, harvest greens from the garden for harvest day and help cook their meal for that day. Check back in to get more details this weekend!

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