Hello from the Farm! This session has been packed full of fun activities, and new adventures! The rain has held off for the most part and we have had a week full of beautiful days. Here is a look at how the campers have spent them.

Garden specialty got to pick a lot of raspberries as they have started to grow. The campers have also had a chance to make fruit smoothies with things they have harvested in the garden! Barn has spent time frolicking in the fields with the goats and sheep, while also learning basic skills in how to take care of animals. Campers have also spent time playing in the creek, in the art barn, and boating on the pond. This has been an eventful week with beautiful, sunny days and lots of fun has been had! The campers will get to choose new specialties on Monday.

Today was Dino theme day! We had lots of Dino themed snacks and activities throughout the day. We may have even had a dinosaur sighting! Our farmers in training planned and put all the work into this theme day. It was amazing!

Tomorrow is harvest day, where the campers will get to harvest and cook their food for dinner and then have the meal all together. It is going to be a great day of cooking, and learning in the garden! We are looking forward to seeing what amazing foods they come up with!

Check back in next week to see what the campers are up to!

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