On Sunday, the whole camp came together to cook a community dinner using farm beef and fresh food from the garden. Each yurt was responsible for making a different dish to contribute to the feast. Dishes included coleslaw, chili, frittatas, herb bread, sautéed vegetables, and cake with fresh fruit. When the yurt groups were not cooking, they were spending their time doing numerous activities such as walking to the orchards, exploring the cascades, making friendship bracelets, and playing gaga ball. Just before the food was ready, everyone pitched in and helped bring tables out to the lawn and we all ate banquet style under the blue sky! We then ended our day with a Frost Valley favorite; a game called French Revolution, which involves stealthy skills and camouflaged clothing.


On Monday we transitioned back to our normal schedule as we begin our second week of session one. All the campers signed up for new specialties including barn, garden, villains and vigilantes, relaxation/ meditation, spy school, nature art, and more.

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