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This Tuesday we spent a lot of time in the Dining Hall because the Catskills decided to finally give us some much-needed rain! Campers really love the weather because we finally got a break from this summer heat. Even with the rain we had a ton of fun in our specialties, some kids are making tote bags out of recycled materials and donated clothing, making dollhouses out of materials we find around camp, making tea in the garden, learning about agricultural practices around the world and so much more! For the waterfront period, we had a relaxed time of board games, friendship bracelets, and card games. Our evening program was moved indoors due to thunder, but we played a massive game of charades on teams and we had a blast! Farm camp ended their day with showers and devotion with their individual Yurts and we can’t wait for tomorrow!

Wednesday we had a good break in the storm with just some scattered showers throughout the day! The campers are still enjoying the break in the heat and we are running programs as assigned. Some popular programs from the day were soccer and volleyball, rock painting and creeking up in the cascades, as well as candle making! We got a real nice summer storm towards the end of the day, so we did our evening program again inside and this time did what we call a Dutch Auction, the kids bring an object of theirs to the program and have to complete a number of tasks  using only the objects their yurt brought.  Each kid participated in their nightly shower, we did Devotion in our individual yurts and went to sleep soundly to the sound of light rain on the roof.

Tonight, our campers head out on their overnight, where they will camp under the stars with their yurt groups. They will eat pita pizzas and have s’mores for dinner! Yurt 1 and 2 are going up to an old sheep pasture, surrounded by a handmade stone fence line. Yurt 3 and 4 will be going to Merrill Pavilion, a pavilion at the top of the mountain with a gorgeous view of the Catskills. Yurt 6 and 8 are going to lean to’s in our hay fields. The hay was just cut and there is a great view of Merrill Pavilion from the lean to’s. Finally, Yurt 8 is going to Pine Grove, a campsite along the East Branch of the Neversink River. Pine Grove has a great spot to dip your toes in the water to cool off after a long hike. Check out the photo page later for pictures of all the groups packing out.

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