Weekends at Farm Camp are a time where we stray from our normal schedule and we do everything as a big community. It is a wonderful way to wrap up week one, relax, and regroup. It is so great to see all the friendships that have formed in just five days.

Saturday is theme day and this session’s theme was A Very Viking Christmas! The story-line: a group of Vikings (farm campers) have come to the farm to settle and have decided to celebrate Christmas in the summer. Santa Claus made an appearance and hot chocolate was incorporated into the day. After a day of making snow and going boating we had our traditional spaghetti dinner where forks and knives are discouraged and almost everyone eats with their faces. We ended our day with a camp dance!

Sunday is harvest day, which means that each yurt made a different dish using ingredients from the farm. Today’s dishes included parsley pesto and pasta, scalloped potatoes, roasted beets, cole slaw, deviled eggs, sautéed squash, and blueberry pie bars.

Tomorrow we will transition back to our standard schedule and begin a new rotation of specialties.

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