This week has been full of fun activities for our campers. Whether they have been learning about Hungarian culture, harvesting blueberries to make popsicles, or joining secret writing societies, they are all having a great time. The barn groups are learning about how to care for the animals and the garden campers are learning new and fun ways to use our plants. Did you know that there are many edible plants that most people would consider weeds?


Last night we invited East Valley Ranch to join us for our evening program, Challenge Night! A long time Frost Valley volunteer, Al, comes over and runs this activity for us each. Farm Camp and East Valley Ranch were split into 6 teams with members from each camp on all of the teams. Then, they competed against each other to see which team could win the most challenges. The challenges included funniest noise, stinkiest shoe, Simon says, and so many more! At the end of the night, everyone celebrated the fun with an ice cream sundae.

Looking forward to tonight, Farm Camp is headed out on our overnight. We will spend time this afternoon packing backpacks, sleeping bags, water bottles and food to take to their special place in the woods. Each yurt group will set up camp, build a fire, and cook pita pizzas over the fire. Yurt 1 and 2 will be going to our Hay Field Lean To’s, Yurt 3, 4, and  5 are headed to Merrill Pavilion, and Yurts 6 and 7 are going to Pine Grove. Each site is beautiful in it’s own way! I can’t wait to hear the stories from this evening!

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