Week one is nearly done and we have already gotten to do so many cool activities! Let’s start with the Fourth of July. I was fortunate enough to be able to join the FITs (farmers in training) for the first night of their two day hike/ overnight. We spent about 5 hours hiking intense but beautiful terrain. We summited two mountains, first Peekamoose and then Table, where we spent the night under the stars. Meanwhile…back at camp, all the kids participated in a carnival style celebration which included getting to pie counselors in the face and attempt to soak them in our homemade dunk tank. What a way to celebrate!
Over the last few days, farm campers have continued to engage in really fun activities such as hiking through the waterfalls that are hidden in the forest behind the farm. They have also spent time in the barn doing goat psychology and bathing the donkey. Between sports, boating, the barn and more, there is hardly time to do everything!
Tomorrow will entail an all camp day where everyone participates in a mystery theme day! This session’s theme day was designed and programmed by the FITs. Tomorrow they will reveal the theme…
Hope all is well with the family and friends of our amazing farm campers!

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