This weekend the Farm was transformed into the Wild West for our theme day! Camp was split into 4 groups that all helped to create their own town. The campers worked together to create the name of their town and create their town laws. Then, they worked together to earn gold by having some fun with water gun target practice, sack races, and panning for gold. Campers also got to try their hand at lassoing a bull!
Later in the day each team had a “cowboy cook out” where they had find the food to use while they created their own cowboy dish. There were some very clever dishes, like marshmallow sushi rolls and chocolate, banana, rice crispy, soup. It is always fun to see what the groups come up with!
Sunday was Harvest Day, a day where all of Farm Camp comes together to cook our dinner! Each yurt is assigned a dish to cook for the whole of camp with veggies from our garden. Here is what each group made this session.
Yurt 1 – Lemonade
Yurt 2 – Edible Flower Salad
Yurt 3 – Monkey Bread
Yurt 4 – Pesto Pasta with Zucchini
Yurt 5 – Grilled Veggies
Yurt 6 – Rice Pudding
Yurt 7 –  Creamy Garlic Mushrooms with Bread
Everyone sat down together for a lovely meal that they all helped create. It is truly a magical experience to see the Farm come together to feed everyone!

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