Week one at Farm Camp has gotten off to a wonderful start. Yesterday all the campers signed up for their specialties, which are skill-building courses that last throughout the week.  There are two specialty periods in the day.


  • -barn
  • -garden
  • -cooking
  • -adventure
  • -sports


  • -barn
  • -garden
  • -painting
  • -blacksmithing
  • -theatre

The campers also had a blast doing tie-dye, archery, and ultimate frisbee!  For evening program, which is a time where all of Farm Camp plays a game together, we played Messages to Garcia. Messages to Garcia is a game in which counselors hide throughout camp and the campers attempt to deliver messages to and from counselors without getting intercepted by other teams. Camp was split into four teams which could be identified by what color face paint the kids were wearing. Tonight we will play a game called Wells Fargo, (no banking involved), which is actually a complex version of capture the flag that involves socks. Hope all is well in the world beyond Farm Camp!


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