Yesterday was an awesome day. Despite the heat, we were all able to cool off together with a slip n slide activity. Previously, we had a visit from the famous Al Filreis (who we look forward to seeing again this evening for an epic challenge night). With Al we played a wonderful game called Geronimo. In this activity campers sit in a circle and are promoted to switch places when Al calls names, numbers or characteristics that describes the campers. It’s a fun camp game and our campers loved playing it.

Last night we had a rousing game of Dutch Auction run by our Farm Leaders. Using materials from their yurts, campers are challenged with selling ‘items’ to a panel of judges. The Farm Leaders did a great job!

Today, we look forward to spending more time with Al for a Challenge Night this evening.

We can’t believe tomorrow will be the last round of chores for the summer!

Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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