Happy Fourth of July! The heat still hasn’t gotten us down here at Farm Camp! Session one is in full swing.

Some of today’s activities:

Water Games: a water balloon competition and an obstacle course involving attempts at balancing cups of water on top of people’s heads.

Cascades Exploration: venturing up to our series of waterfalls hidden in the shady woods! There were rock stacks made and frogs found.

Flag Football: a contact-free version of football.

Plant Art: making bookmarks and window hangings out of the gorgeous nature around us.

Random Acts of Kindness: writing positive messages and posting them around camp.

Animal Sketching: observing and drawing some of our goats.

The big news of the day… we now have three piglets!!! Not everyone has met them yet so they have not been named but some of the suggestions so far have been:







(Photo: cascades exploration)

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