This morning, instead of campers choice, we were joined by Al to play a game of Geronimo! In Geronimo, all of camp sits in a circle and switches seats when Al calls names, numbers or characteristics. Everyone played, even the Farm Camp property team!

This afternoon, two specialties stood out. First, one specialty dressed up Andy’s golf cart with yarn, a new ‘license’ plate, a Rhino horn and even more! Second, the basic barn specialty announced a political race for Farm Camp President between Pearl, our eldest goat, and all of the sheep. Tomorrow at lunch, we will cast our votes, and Pearl will join us at our closing campfire for a speech! Pictured above is the basic barn specialty announcing the race at Flag Lowering.

During dinner, I heard some pretty heated debates about the election, I look forward to sharing the results with you tomorrow!


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Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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