We hope your week has gotten off to a great start. We just finished day 2, and the Hird is happy and healthy. We had an incredible opening campfire on Sunday night. This is an event where we come together as a camp and our counselors introduce themselves via funny skits and songs.


Some features from the last two days:

Sacky & Hemlock: Spent time learning camp songs and playing games to get to know each other. Swam in our beautiful Lake Cole!

Tacoma & Lenape: They played geronimo, a Frost Valley classic that is run by our favorite alum, Al. Geronimo is kind of like musical chairs, except instead of getting ‘out’ you end up in the middle… also it is way more fun than musical chairs!

PAC & Windsong: Started their two night overnights this morning by hiking for 3+ hours over Wildcat Mountain.

CiTs: Two groups have left for their five day hikes. The other two groups will begin a week of doing trainings that help them learn what being a counselor entails.


[Photos: CiT groups moments before departing for their hikes]

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