We have been so busy at EVR!!! The rain cannot stop us. We have managed to ride every day, rain or shine, and the majority of riding groups have now done their first hand trots!

We have been doing lots of different activities;

Ultimate Kickball: This is when the girls play kickball but at each base there is a challenge that they need to complete, such as doing the Macarena, tossing balls into a bucket, spinning around a pole and walking in a straight line.

Non Horse Horse Show: This is when the girls set up a show jumping course, and they pretend to be the horses and compete in who can complete the course the quickest.

Boppers: This is a whole camp game. There a 6 teams, and 6 challenges, and the team that wins is the one who completes all the challenges first. However, on their way to a challenge, they might be ‘Bopped’ by a Bopper. When this happens, they need to stand still, until a ‘Fairy’ comes along and gives them a task to complete and send them on their way to continue the game.

USB at Farm Camp: Last night we went to farm camp for our evening program. We split into 4 teams, and each team had a bank full of coins. The aim of the game is for one team to steal the most coins. The team with the most coins at the end of the game, wins!

Boating and Archery: The girls have been taking the hay ride to the farm to go boating in the pond! They can choose between a funyak, which is like a Kayak that can not tip, a corcl, which is a boat in the shape of a circle which spins a lot, and a canoe! They also can go to archery, where one of the girls got a bullseye today!



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