I’m sure I’ve said this before here: Farm Camp is paradise! I spent time on two occasions recently at the farm, and loved every minute of it—the chatty, generous, fascinating campers; the great food; the gardens and livestock; the overall fun, good spirit. Here are some photos:

Former Farm staffer Alex returned yesterday to guide the campers in the making of felt mustaches and beards (for their theme day).

During dinner these carrots were brought in directly from the garden. So good!

A group of CITs showed up at the Farm, on their way back from Slide and prior to crossing over Wildcat Mountain to return to the west valley.

Dan stopped over to help Farm Director Nicky put these bikes into shape.

Dwellers of yurts at the farm know to leave boots and shoes outside. This is rest hour. Such a good look!

Ruby and Sandy munch on the just-delivered carrots. Sweet!

We witnessed the annual popcorn recipe contest. One of these bowls contained very spicy popcorn, the other sweet. I liked the spicy but had to taste both of course.

The spicy popcorn. It really *was* spicy!

They love their F.I.T. (Farmer in Training).

We walked from the Farm down to the East Valley Ranch. This is the lovely signage and flowers that greeted us.

They learn to milk goats!

Flag-lowering is a chance for announcements and end-of-day reflection.

This garlic had been picked the day before and was now drying in the sun. I grabbed one and put it in my car. Now I have that fresh garlic smell in the car: fantastic!

Gwen tells us a “scary” story during rest hour.

Cecelia is proud of her “perfect candle.”

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