The Hird has had a great weekend. Saturday: all villages were involved in creative theme days. Sunday: everyone was divided into their teams to begin Frost Valley Olympics.


Saturday’s themes:

Sacky: “(not so) Mean Girls day”

Hemlock: “Solar Flare day”

Tacoma: “Slumber Party”

Lenape: “Mystery Day”

PAC/ Windsong/ Sunburst: “Super Sweet 16”

CiTs: All groups are now back from their hikes!


Monday will be spent competing in the olympics. This year’s teams: Japan, Mexico, Ireland, South Africa, Catalonia, Wales, Germany, Slovenia. The host team is Brazil. We choose the teams based on staff representation… and these teams don’t actually incorporate ALL the countries our staff represent! FV Olympics are such a cool way to learn and share.


Hope you all had a great weekend too!


(Photos: fun from PAC/Windsong/Sunburst’s Sweet 16!)

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