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Today the girls have been allocated their horse for the summer, woo! They split into their riding groups and everyone managed to ride this morning before the rain started. In their lesson, all the girls started from the very begin, walking and stopping, in order to learn the Frost Valley riding style. Once the rain started, we all headed inside and watched the Hannah Montana Movie during rest hour. Now that the weather is clearing up, we have played Non-horse horse show outside, pretending to be horses and learning how horses perform in dressage shows. Tonight, for evening program, we will play a really fun running game called Ultimate Sicko Ball. This is when the camp is split into 4 teams, with 5 balls in each teams area. The aim of the game is to steal the other teams ball. Whatever teams steals all the balls first, wins.

Horses of the day: We have 3 new horses who arrived today! They are all mares, and have arrived from the ranch in Vermont where we get the majority of our 89 horses from, called Pond Hill. This is one of our new ladies, she needs a name! Any suggestions please send Lorna or Megs or your cowgirls an email with suggestions. 

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