Happy Wednesday! And Happy Core Values in Action Day! 

January is the month of celebrating honesty and putting it into action! What have you been doing to celebrate honesty? 

One way we celebrated honesty at Winter Camp was through the classic camp ice breaker, Two Truths and a Lie. With a group of people, everyone must go around and say two truths about themselves and one lie that they made up about themselves. For example, if it was my turn I could say “I live at Frost Valley all year long, My family has a dog, and I am a Patriots Fan”. Then everyone in the group needs to guess to see which one is the lie! Can you figure it out? Play this game with friends, and family, or maybe play it around the dinner table tonight! 

Honesty can be so many things, so it is important to talk about. At camp, honesty comes when our campers feel comfortable with their counselors, and connected to their bunk mates so that they are able to be open to others and true to themselves. What does honesty look like to you at home? 

If you have a story about how you’ve put Honesty into action, please send them to me at lhutchinson@frostvalley.org. I’d love to see pictures, letters, videos, or drawings about all the ways you are HONEST outside of camp. 

Peace, love, and bibbley!


Nick Lomauro

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Nick Lomauro

Nick Lomauro is a lifetime lover of camp (overnight and day), outdoor recreation, and value-based programs. Nick grew up in the YMCA and discovered his passion for working in youth development as a summer camp counselor. Full of curiosity, Nick graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in General Humanities. Immediately following graduation Nick set off to Spain to hike the 500 mile ancient pilgrimage trail, El Camino de Santiago. Nick then returned to his childhood YMCA in NJ, of over 20 thousand members, as the Director of Youth Development. In this role he designed, developed, and implemented day camp and teen programs. In 2015, Nick returned to Frost Valley and he is now the Director of Camp Wawayanda. This is Nick's 16th summer at Frost Valley.

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