Despite the heat, Adventure Village is having even more fun than ever. You can see by all the creek photos that we’re spending a lot of time wading and splashing in the water. Fairy house making, rock painting, and fire building all pair well with chilling by the creek!

We got a slight break from the heat yesterday and took the chance to celebrate the 4th of July by doing what Adventure does best; going on a hike and searching for Adventure! We had groups that found the old plane crash on the top of Doubletop Mountain, after hours of bushwacking, and groups that went to nearby Giant’s Ledge and the Farm. All returned safe and sound and newly proud of their accomplishments. We rounded out the night by playing a game in the old Castle.

Today, after a rousing round of Geronimo (imagine a large and elaborate musical chairs) we had a very talent-filled backcountry cook-off. As I write, campers are exploring new heights with adventures on the zip-line, y-tower and other rope elements. Tonight, one of our all-time favorite activities; eating ice cream in canoes in the middle of the lake!

Tomorrow, we begin packing out and team building for our mini-trips! Everyone is super excited to adventure out into the wood


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Tori Staley is our Adventure Director. She grew up in State College, PA, an avid hiker, rock climber, camper, and lover of the outdoors. After graduating from the University of Vermont, Tori taught Outdoor Education and Spanish in Colorado, before earning her Masters in Gender Studies in London. Throughout all of that though she returned every summer to Frost Valley! Tori has been an Adventure Village Counselor, AIT Coordinator, Trips Logistics Coordinator, and then served as a Mental Health Support for Camp.

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