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It has been a busy but great few days for Mustango (our joint name for Mustang and Durango villages). After check in on Sunday, once all the campers had settled into their lodges, they had Pizza for dinner and then attended OPENING CAMPFIRE!! The staff from each village did a skit or a song to introduce themselves to the kids and they sang songs like ‘We’re going on a lion hunt’. They also helped in the annual tradition of putting a spoonful of ashes from previous opening campfires into the fire and then refilling the pot with a scoop from this sessions campfire, to bring the spirit of the summer to this session.

Monday is first rides day here at camp and the campers all got a chance to ride and play games in a lesson so we can decide which horse we think they would click best with for the 2 weeks. They also learned how we groom, tack, lead and tie our horses as we do things a little differently at Frost Valley. They also went to a ground lesson (which we have daily to learn more about horses) about Breeds and colors.

Tuesday is assignment day so the kids get to find out who their horses are for the session and they were all super excited!! Mustang also went on a hike and played a game called camouflage which involves getting muddy which they loved! Durango got to try out our Low Ropes course which encourages teamwork and helps them all get to know each other better!

This morning the campers are making friendship bracelets and duct tape pens after waterfront! It has been super sunny the last 2 days so waterfront has definitely been one of their favorite activities so far, to cool off!

I have uploaded most of the pictures to smug mug this morning, apologies for the delay but we have had a few issues with our internet connection being strong enough…a problem with living in the middle of nowhere! But keep an eye out for those as I will be updating daily (internet pending).

Joke of the day:

Q: What did the horse say when it fell?

A: “I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!”

Have a great afternoon!


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