We have been very busy the past three days. We have been doing so many activities in Mustang. On Wednesday morning we had waffles for breakfast and then headed over to candle making! We went to the waterfront but the water was a bit cold so a lot of girls wanted to make sand castles! They decided to make a sand fortress.

The girls continued in their second lesson on their horses. Wednesday was out overnight and we had our cook out in Hayden. We cooked pizzas over the fire and had s’mores for dessert. Then we headed to the barn for our overnight. We slept in the hay wagons in the aisle of the barn. The girls listened to an old Irish story about a horse along the beach and went to sleep.

On thursday morning we woke up in the barn and headed back to Hayden to get ready for our day. After breakfast, we went to the Y tower and got a chance to climb the hard wall! At waterfront a bunch of girls got on the water trampoline and iceberg while others continued on their sand castle fortresses.

In the afternoon the girls went over to the barn to ride! It was only their third day on their horses for the session, but they had already improved so much! Each lesson has progressed onto more advanced techniques and the girls are so excited to learn. After riding we headed outside to do our ground lesson, our non-horse horse show! The girls raced around barrels and up, around, and through obstacles. For our evening program, Mustang had a night swim. This gave everyone a chance to go on the trampoline and into sections that may otherwise be full in a normal waterfront period. Everyone got to go into the section that they enjoyed the most and have fun in the water!

Today, we started off our morning with a yummy breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and sausages before our morning activity. We headed to the Geronimo stadium to meet Al. The girls learned a traditional camp activity called Geronimo. They enjoyed running around the circle of chairs when Al called them up. Next we had waterfront where they swam in numerous areas with their buddies.

At the Barn, the girls learned all about different types of careers involving horses and also went on a trail ride! They all walked along the Neversink trail to Dave’s field and back to the barn. Everyone was happy to change up from the riding lessons to a more relaxed trail ride through the woods.

Tonight, the girls’ evening program is theater games which will be very exciting. They take part in a series of games that take speed, smarts, and strategy. Tomorrow is a very special day at the barn! Can’t wait for Bareback Day!!!

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