The first week is coming to a end and the campers have had a full week of activities and riding. Mustang and Durango are having a great time and are looking forward to another full week at camp. They have been doing most of their activities together as a brother/sister village but have also enjoyed hanging out and doing evening program’s with other villages their same age.

Saturday morning was spent at the barn playing water games and doing art/craft activities; the campers did tie dye! They got the opportunity to create their own patterns and designs and enjoyed seeing the final result.  In the afternoon it was bare-back day and campers enjoyed riding a new pony whilst getting a feel for riding without a saddle and how wobbly ponies can be! They also enjoyed pony painting which involved decorating the ponies with their own designs.

The campers have had a great time at waterfront after a really warm first week at camp. Durango and mustang have enjoyed dipping in the water, using the trampoline and some have ventured out on boats and paddle boards!  They’ve enjoyed playing on the sand and swimming with campers from other villages and creating new friendships. This week the boys and girls did candle making. They enjoyed creating their own colors and shapes candles and molding them to a range of different shapes.

Down at the barn the campers have enjoyed a great week of lessons. Both Durango and Mustang are progressing great in their lesson from maneuvering their ponies around the arenas and over obstacles. This includes walking over poles, weaving barrels, creating circles and many more.  In the barn they’ve learned about horse careers and colors and markings. They learned about the range of horse careers available and what are the different colors and markings our horses have in the barn. The campers learnt how to lead and tie their ponies, this gave them the opportunity to gain confidence around the horses. After their lessons each day the campers lead their ponies from the arenas up to the barn.


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