On Friday, the girls went down to a section of the Neversink River to go creeking. They all splashed around in the shallow waters and found critters, creatures, and animals in the river. They tried to find rocks that were all different colors and used it to make rock paint. Then they made designs and used the rock paint to paint rocks, their faces, and their arms and legs. There were so many different colors and creative designs.

Down at the barn, the girls got to go on a trail ride! They rode their own horses and rode out of the arena and onto the trail along the Neversink. They even got to walk through the water on horseback! On the ride back, they passed through a field and brought their horses back to the barn.

For our evening activity, the girls put their creativity and acting skills to the test. They were split up into groups and each given a bag with an assortment of random clothing, tools, props and toys (none of which necessarily related to each other). Their task was to make up a skit using all of the items. There were plenty of laughs and smiles showing in the audience as the girls showed off their talents!

On Saturday, the girls headed over to the low ropes to work on team building, trust, and problem solving. They warmed up with trust activities before splitting up into groups and trying the low ropes elements. They took turns swinging and balancing on wires in the trees. Challenges were presented throughout, but none that the group couldn’t overcome together!


At the Barn, it was bareback day! The girls watched “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron” and then proceeded to the barn to try out the things they had seen in the film! They got to do face painting and ride horses bareback. That means they were riding without saddles! They focused on balancing and feeling every movement of the horse as they walked along. They could feel their hips moving with each step of the horse.

Today is All Camp theme day! The theme is it’s a small world so there is going to be different booths set up representing different countries. Throughout the day the girls will be able to learn about different cultures and be involved in games and activities that represent the country. This morning they had brunch which was waffles, chicken nuggets, broccoli, grits, potato soup, salad bar, fruit bar, and ice-cream!! They loved it and are very excited to have theme day today.

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