The girls had another opportunity to get on the ropes course this morning. They headed over to the Y tower which is about three stories tall. They each picked a buddy and were challenged to work together to reach their goal. They were on the dangling duo which is like a giants ladder but with more obstacles. They worked on communicating with their partner in order to reach the higher rungs of the ladder. They all had a fun time climbing up as high as they could.

They have really been enjoying these hot days at the waterfront. It was very hot and humid today so a nice dip in the lake was just the refresher they needed to pep them up. They cooled off and were happy to chill on the beach, or dunk themselves in the deep end.

The girls had a good time at the barn today. It was trail day! They all walked along the Neversink trail along the Neversink River. The girls walked one behind the other following the horses all the way down to one of the fields. They really enjoyed a change of pace and getting out on the trail. The cool breeze was nice as the girls had the wind blow by. It was nice to cool them off as they rode their horses.

Tonight they had a Mustang talent show! They all showed off their talents to their bunk mates and their counselors. Everyone was surprise to see what the others could do. They all were supporting each other as they put on a show for the others. They all had a blast and can’t wait for what else we have in store!

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