Yesterday, in Mustang, the girls enjoyed the wonderful weather during their fun packed day. After they got ready and packed their bags, we all headed over to the Y tower. They were all super excited to scale the rock wall. The girls watched each other speed up the wall like monkeys. Everyone went so fast that we had a little time left before our next activity!

We headed over to waterfront after the rock wall. A few girls retook their swim checks and received a green tag! That allows them to swim in any section of the lake including the water trampoline and the floating jungle gym! They were so excited when they were given their green tag.

After waterfront, we headed up to lunch. After much preparation in the previous days, the girls were ready to join the rest of camp in Hoopla! Hoopla takes place right after lunch in the dining hall. All of the campers divide into there villages and shout village cheers across the dining halls together. This is the first ever time that Mustang has participated in Hoopla! YAY!

At the barn all of the girls got on their horses and did games and exercises in their lesson groups. Everyone was smiling as they learned new maneuvers. They walked back up to the barn after the lessons and enjoyed a lesson about horse food and nutrition while having a snack of their own.

After dinner, we walked to the Model Forest Classroom to have movie night. We watched the movie Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron. When the movie was over, the girls raced to CIT point to go watch the fireworks on the hill. They enjoyed the colorful performance and were all exhausted by the time we got back to the lodge.

So far today, the girls have gone to make candles and had a little dance party while waiting for everyone to finish. They just headed over to waterfront to go swim and boat.

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