After the overnight, the girls were happy to be back on camp and were able to get all ready for their day. They gathered all of their belongings and headed out to do tye-dye! They were able to do different patterns and use their creativity to make all sorts of designs. We had some spirals, polkadots, bullseyes, and more!

Yesterday was their third day riding their very own horses. It was a hot day, and everyone was happy to ride their horses in the afternoon sun. The girls continued to progress in their lesson groups and learned more mounted skills such as circling with their horses. By the end of this session, they’ll all be true cowgirls!

After the long hot day, they girls were very excited to hop in the lake for the second time in one day. Our evening activity was swimming so the girls had the lake all to themselves and were able to go into any section they wanted. They swam around in the deep end, played basketball in the purple section and made sandcastles up on the shore. They even found newts, tadpoles and frogs!

The girls had a good night sleep last night back in the cabins and are now all recharged for more!


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