Yesterday the girls enjoyed their last day at waterfront splashing about in the water, playing in the sand, and playing on the water trampoline! We walked around camp singing our village cheers to each activity. The girls started packing up and cleaning up the lodge in order to get ready to go home!

Mustang had one last ride on their horses along the Neversink trail. After the trail, the girls untacked their horses and groomed them as well. They fed their horses some apples and gave some hugs as they exchanged goodbyes. As our last ground lesson, the girls played Horse Jeopardy and showed off their what they had learned this session!

For our evening activity we had an ice cream social and DaNce PArtYyy!!! Everyone loved their ice cream sundaes and danced all around the lodge.

This morning was our last breakfast of first session: Pancakes!! The girls enjoyed their meal and went back to the cabin to exchange contact information and say their last goodbyes to all of their new friends! Can’t wait to see all of these girls next year!

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