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The girls loved the overnight last night. They all enjoyed the fresh out of the fire mac n’ cheese. They played games in the barn and then were able to head back outside to continue games and make s’mores over the fire! They stayed warm by the fire and sang songs and heard stories from counselors. Once it got dark they headed up into the hayloft. They tucked themselves into their sleeping bags and got comfortable while one of the counselors told stories from when she was a camper. The campers listened in awe as the counselor told the girls wild stories that they could once experience.

This morning, the girls woke up and packed up their bags before breakfast. They had bagels with cream cheese for breakfast and then headed back into the hayloft to watch the barn staff wrangle the horses into the barn. They got a birds-eye-view as the barn staff got all of the horses ready for the morning. After all the horses were in and fed, we headed out to pack out stuff back into the trip center. They all washed their dishes from the previous night and then headed back to the lodge for clean-up.

They got all set for the day and then went to Margetts to play Bingo with Johnny! They loved playing and sang along to the songs that Johnny played over the PA system. A few girls won Bingo and loved getting their prizes! After Bingo, we headed to waterfront and got to swim and go boating.

At the Barn the girls brushed up on their riding skills and were able to ride before the skies opened up. They were a bit tired from the overnight, so after riding we made lanyard bracelets and key-chains. Then they headed to the fields to hang out with all of the other villages in Wawayanda.

For our evening program, we had challenge night. The girls split up into teams and they were presented with different types of challenges that they had to work as a team to solve. They all were able to send up different people to sing, dance, act, and various other tests. They loved working together to figure out who to send up, what to do, and what to say! They hopped into bed and are ready to have a good night sleep to get ready for another fun packed day!

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