The girls have had a busy few days, full of activities and riding and not letting the rain get in the way of having fun!

They all had a go at climbing our Y tower, which is our rock climbing wall that has other ropes elements, such as the zip line coming off of it. They really enjoyed it and a few of them even made it to the top!

They also did Zumba and Tae Kwon Do which was so fun to watch and a great energy release! They were all exhausted after and thought it was awesome!

It was pajama day yesterday in case you were wondering why the girls were riding in their pajamas in the photos!!

Last night the girls cooked their dinner over the fire, we made pita pizzas which were delicious and they got to make them themselves. Of course we had s’mores after which was a crowd favorite. Then they ran around for hours afterwards playing games and making the most of the sunlight! Once the sun had gone down, they sat out and watched the stars and saw quite a few shooting ones (we heard a rumor there was a meteor shower or something)! They thought that was amazing and it was lovely to see them all chill out and appreciate where they were for a while. Then the girls settled into the hay wagons in the barn for their overnight!

This morning they are en route to waterfront to have some fun on the lake…not for the last time today as we have the night swim tonight!!

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