The Mustang girls were super excited that last night they got to sleep in the barn in the hay loft. They got to visit the horses outside the barn and we made pizzas for dinner and then settled down in the hay, they absolutely loved it!

This morning the girls went to flying squirrel, which is a ropes element that someone in a harness is pulled in the air by other people on the end of a rope and it feels like you are flying, they thought it was great fun!! It was awesome watching the girls encourage and cheer for each other.

After flying squirrel, the girls went to waterfront and everybody finished their swim checks and then had a great time splashing all the counselors and swimming in all the different sections.

After lunch and rest hour, the girls headed down to the barn and hopped on their horses. They all look awesome and are all forming bonds with their ponies which is so cute to see. They were practicing circles and steering in their lessons and they all look like they are in great control.

This evening the girls are looking forward to a night swim with the lifeguards!

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