The Mustang girls had an awesome day yesterday. I was particularly impressed with their riding. They are all improving so much and it is a pleasure to watch them all falling in love with their horses and ride with big smiles on their faces.

Last night they got the chance to swim in the lake as their evening program. Many of the girls had told me that their favorite time of the day is waterfront so I thought why not book waterfront twice in one day. The girls had an epic time and it was a struggle to get them to get out of the water at the end…even though it was getting cold!

They also learned a cheer last night that they are going to perform to camp in the dining hall after lunch today.

Right now they are at flying squirrel which is a ropes element which involves being harnessed and pulled in the air into the trees so it feels like you are flying, they are also looking forward to a relaxing movie night tonight where they are watching Spirit, everyone’s favorite horse movie!

This weekend is set to be awesome too, the girls are going to learn to ride bareback (without saddles), do some horse painting and then on Sunday they are celebrating hirdstock which is our festival on hirdstock field, with music, a talent show and lots of activity booths.

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