The last waterfront today was very eventful. Most of the girls got into the deep section and swam laps around the section. It was a really hot day and the lake was nice and cool. They got into all of the sections that they wanted to go to in their last day of waterfront. They all dried off and headed up to lunch for their last lunch of session 2!

Down at the barn the girls had their last lesson! They all loved it. The girls who had not trotted yet all trotted in their lessons. The other girls started to progress to more advanced trotting techniques. The lesson instructors were so proud of all of their campers for progressing so much throughout the session. Even the girls who had never ridden before Mustang were looking like true cowgirls!

The last activity of the night was closing campfire and the girls loved watching the counselors put on skits and say goodbye. All of the Mustang counselors are sad to see these girls go! This was a great group of girls and 3rd session won’t be the same without them! Can’t wait to see everyone next time!

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