The girls are having a wonderful time at camp so far. They have already made tons of new friends in and out of Mustang Village. These busy days have been exciting and everyone is enjoying the numerous activities! Yesterday, they headed out to Arts and Crafts yesterday morning to make candles! They were able to take a clean candle wick and add their favorite color waxes to make different shaped, sized, and decorated candles.

After candle making they played some field games before waterfront and then headed over to the lake to finish up their swim checks. They all were happy to splash around, play in the sand, or even just chill on their towels with their new friends.

They were very happy to go down to the barn and find out who their lesson instructors were, what riding groups they were in, and who their own horse was! They all started to bond with their new horses and get to know them in their lesson. The girls were ecstatic to have their very own horse and start taking care of it, riding, and getting to know the horse!

For our evening program, they joined the rest of the younger camp at Frost Valley, Wawayanda, for a giant game of Ultimate Sicko Ball. It’s pretty much a huge game of capture the flag with numerous balls instead of flags and more than two different teams. They all ran around stealing other teams balls and trying to be the best team! After, they were tired from running so they all hopped into bed.

Today the girls did their first ropes activities. They did the flying fish and the flying squirrel. This is a ropes element where, on one side one camper is clipped into the ropes and a few others are clipped into the other side to pull. The girls took turns flying into the air and being on the pull team to pull their buddies into the air. It was cool for them to all try something new!

At waterfront, they were really excited to be able to use their new tags (earned from the swim checks) to go in all of the open sections at waterfront. They grabbed a buddy and were able to go into the water and even go over to boating to try out the row boats, canoes, kayaks, and mini paddle boats.

We just came back from the barn where they were in their lessons for the second day. The girls are progressing to group halts, and new maneuvers. They are learning to control their horses and go around obstacles placed around the arena. They all did a great job riding today and are excited to get back on tomorrow!

We are about to head out for our Mustang overnight! Tonight they aren’t going to go to the dining hall for dinner because instead, they are going go down to the barn to cook over the fire! We are making mac n’cheese and having s’mores! Then the girls will be able to sleep in the hayloft of the barn, which is usually off limits to campers! We’re all excited to share this experience and do some star gazing before they hop into their sleeping bags for the night!

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