Today was the third full day and Mustang and Durango are all set. They are already used to the schedule and are all set and ready to go! They were all super excited to find out their horses yesterday. They found out and then got into their lesson groups and had their first lesson on their very own horses. They had a wonderful time and could not stop talking about their horses and lessons for the rest of the day.

For our evening activity, we went to Big Tree Field and played Ultimate Sicko Ball! It’s pretty much a huge game of capture the flag with four different teams and balls instead of flags. The boys and girls split up into teams with all of the rest of Wawayanda (the younger, 7-12, half of Frost Valley). They loved hanging out with everyone else and getting a chance to have an activity time with the other campers!

This morning was a rainy morning. There was a storm passing overhead and so we had some rainy day activities planned. They first did zumba with Susky Village (girls 9-11) and then had a dance party!! Then they headed up to the dining hall where there was plenty of space, in order to do paper bag skits! They split up into groups and were each given a large bag of props. They had to use all of their props in one skit. They all enjoyed using the props to create their own shows and loved performing for each other and supportive when they were watching!

At the barn, everyone was pumped to get back on their horses and ride in their groups again. They learned all about control in the saddle and how we ride here at Frost Valley. For our ground lesson, they learned all about tacking and parts of the western tack! They were all able to name the different parts of the saddle and bridle by the end of their lessons.

Tonight we had a movie night and relaxed as we watched. Some also worked on friendship bracelets for all of their new friends! We were so excited that the rain held out so that we could ride and are hoping for more good weather soon!

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