Mustang and Durango have just begun! This is the very first year that Durango is a village so everyone is super excited to have Durango and Mustang is so happy to have a brother village! They will all be doing most activities around each other and are ready to go! The boys settled down in cabin 35 while the girls reside in Hayden Lodge. Everyone is all sorted out in their rooms and have unpacked and are excited to get going! Mustang and Durango met up on Sunday and they played tons of games to get to know each other!

They had a wonderful time at opening campfire and loved the counselor skits that each village put on. On the way back to the cabins, they were able to see the starry night sky.

In the morning, they were all set and ready to go. Mustang and Durango went to go learn cheers and play more games! They learned all about waterfront and how the beach and boating area works. After lunch and rest hour, they headed out to ride! They learned all about how to lead their horses and tie them up. They also learned about grooming (cleaning), and tacking (putting on the saddle and gear for riding) and even got to try it for themselves! They had their first riding lesson and they all had a blast. They even got to go on a hayride to the field!

At our evening tea party, the girls and boys learned about tea and were able to socialize, play games, have snacks, and of course, PARTY!!!


So far today, the girls have gone to the flying fish and squirrel. They took turns pulling each other up into the trees one by one. The boys went over to the Y tower and climbed up like monkeys! After the ropes activities, Mustang and Durango headed to waterfront for swim checks! They just had lunch and are about to head down to the barn and find out who their horses are!


Note: Since Mustang and Durango do most of their activities together, all photos will be in a combined album on smugmug for Durango and Mustang.

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