Everyone had a change in pace yesterday morning and got to hang out with different villages! Mustang hung out with the oldest female village on camp and Durango hung out with the oldest male village on camp. The older villages ran activities for the younger campers and everyone had a wonderful time. The older campers were excited to lead activities and get ready to become counselors in training and the younger campers were really excited to have the older campers to look up to and listen to all the camp stories.

We had an amazing evening at the barn. We all set up our sleeping stuff because we had our overnight! They went out the camp fire and made their dinner over the fire. They had pita pizzas and then, of course, s’mores!! They had a lovely night watching the sun set and loved watching all the stars twinkle in the night’s sky.

Today they had bagels for breakfast and then we headed back to the cabins. For our morning activity, we hung out with the camp legend Al Filreis. He has been coming to Frost Valley for over 50 years now and comes back every summer to run activities with all of the campers at Frost Valley. Mustang and Durango loved the game Geronimo and loved hanging out with Al!

They have all been improving in their lessons and have changed so much since they got here. They have been able to have so much control over their horses than they used to have and have shown how much they can learn in just a week and a half! Mustang and Durango are enjoying every part of their lesson from the warm up, to the technical patterns, to the games we play. They were very happy to hear that we had a Staff Demo tonight! A few of their counselors and lesson instructors and they saw what their very own horses could really do! They all thought it was really cool what the counselors could do at different speeds and with the control and experience they had. The counselors showed the campers new techniques as well as how to do the very techniques that they did in their own riding lessons! They can’t wait to be just like their counselors one day!

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