Howdy Everyone!

Hope you are all having a lovely day. It is raining here at Frost Valley but that doesn’t stop our fun! The kids have just got back from a wetter than usual waterfront and again had a great time, swimming, building sand castles and having water fights.

For their activity yesterday Mustango played sock rugby, which is a take on flag rugby but with socks and not as much contact. Our other Durango counselor Hamish plays Rugby at home in the UK so he loved teaching them all and seeing them really get the hang of it! 

Last night Mustang did Disco Yoga which they thought was the best thing! They didn’t want to leave at the end. Durango got to try out pond ecology which they thought was great too, they fished for frogs and newts and had a great time getting muddy! 

This morning they got the opportunity to watch our Western Adventures (4 week day camp) drill team and barrel racing rodeo!! It is important for them to see other people riding to look out for things they may have learned in their lessons, but it is also cool to see disciplines like barrel racing which they may not have tried or seen before! They performed to music and Mustango were a great supportive crowd.

Tonight is over night time! Weather permitting, the boys will be sleeping behind the barn and cooking pitta pizzas over the fire, and the girls will be heading over to East Valley Ranch which is our riding program for older girls, to sleep out next to the horses pasture which is pretty cool! If it rains we have cool back up locations like the hay loft so they will have a great sleepover either way.

I will post some photos on smug mug today of all of their activities and the overnights! Hopefully you are all receiving lots of letters about what they have been up to as well!

Joke of the day:

Q: Why are my jokes about magical horses always so bad?

A: Because they are so ‘Unicorny’ 

Have a great day!


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