Outpost Village has embarked on a two-night adventure, taking their overnight to the next level. Traditionally, campers experience a one night overnight, but the young men of Outpost Village have been given a new choice this summer. Campers have either chosen a one night or a two night overnight. The two-night overnight is the first two night overnight that Wawayanda has experienced in the Wawa that it is today.

The boys who have chosen to embark on the longer journey will be hiking from Main Camp over Wildcat Mountain to Frost Valley’s Farm Camp, and then from the Farm to Merrell Pavilion, Frost Valley’s destination overnight. The boys will be spending two nights out on Frost Valley property, hiking on our beautiful trails, learning outdoor living skills, sleeping under the stars and adventuring together in the mountains.

outpost overnight petes

We are so proud of these boys for making history with what they are accomplishing! We promise to send updates and pictures and are so excited to share the stories when they return!

Peace, Love, and Adventure,

Lindsay Hutchinson

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Lindsay Hutchinson

Lindsay is the Camp Wawayanda Director at Frost Valley YMCA. She oversees the oldest overnight camping program in the country, which is for our campers grades 2 through 7. She just finished her fourth Summer at Frost Valley YMCA and is already working on creating the best program for our campers next summer! er favorite parts of camp are waterfront, Hoopla, and the friendships created through devotions. Coming from the great state of Massachusetts, Lindsay has enjoyed every moment working and living here at Frost Valley YMCA. As a Springfield College '13 graduate, Lindsay embraces her degree in Elementary and Special Education by developing leaders in her campers through experiential and environmental education programming. She studied with Semester at Sea during college, traveling to 13 countries in 3 months, which allowed her to embrace the people of the world and everything that we can learn from each other through cultural exchange. Her passions include traveling, cooking, and making music and she is an advocate for world peace, organic gardening, and love.

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