R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what is means to our campers!


Happy Core Values in Action Wednesday, and Happy March! I hope that this month brings joy, new beginnings, and sunshine as we start our journey to Spring. It is crazy how warm it is already, so show some respect to our trees who are having a confusing time right now!

RESPECT is our core value for the month of March! Throughout the month, I hope to receive stories from you about how you are putting respect into action. YMCA of the USA color codes Respect with yellow – to signify the golden rule. The golden rule, as most of you know, states, “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. I like to call respect the PLATINUM rule: “Treat others the way THEY want to be treated.” How do you show respect to the people in your life?


At the end of each camp session, we asked our campers which core value was their favorite and why. Here are some quotes from our campers answering these questions!

“It is really good to respect things and people.” – Ayane K, Pokey-Totem

“If everyone was respectful, we would all get a long.” – Ryan w, Outpost

“Respect is always doing what your counselors say for me to do without arguing or being difficult.” – Reiki, Forest

“Personally, I love all the Core Values, but I feel that respect can be the foundation for the rest of the values.” – Lakota Camper

“Respect makes the world go round.” – Lakota Camper

“Respectful cabin = good cabin.” – Lakota Camper

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T because I respect people and their space.” – Breena S, Susky

“This made everyone accept each others differences, no one was alone or not respected.” – Audrey F, Lakota

“Everyone wants to be respected and treated with importance.” – Jade F, Lakota

“You need to respect everyone, no matter who it is.” Brady Maire R, Susky

“You have to give respect to earn respect.” – Ty’nin E, Susky

“I chose respect because you don’t hurt anyone!” – Piero Z, Forest

“I chose respect because it is what I need the most in my everyday life. Sometimes, people don’t treat me with respect and it angers me because I want to be treated with fairness.” – Ted R, Outpost

“Respect makes people care about others.” – Zac H, Outpost

“Without respect, you can’t work as a team, and no one will have a good time.” – Malcom, Outpost

“Without respect camp would fall apart.” Aidan F, Outpost

“Every other core values falls under ‘respect for all’.” – Luna A-R, Lakota


If you have any stories about how you have put Respect into Action this year, please email me at lhutchinson@frostvalley.org to receive your Free Core Values in Action Tshirt!


Peace, Love, Bibbley


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Nick Lomauro is a lifetime lover of camp (overnight and day), outdoor recreation, and value-based programs. Nick grew up in the YMCA and discovered his passion for working in youth development as a summer camp counselor. Full of curiosity, Nick graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in General Humanities. Immediately following graduation Nick set off to Spain to hike the 500 mile ancient pilgrimage trail, El Camino de Santiago. Nick then returned to his childhood YMCA in NJ, of over 20 thousand members, as the Director of Youth Development. In this role he designed, developed, and implemented day camp and teen programs. In 2015, Nick returned to Frost Valley and he is now the Director of Camp Wawayanda. This is Nick's 16th summer at Frost Valley.

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