The first week at camp has been full of activities.  Down at the barn the campers have continued to develop in their lessons. They have been working on starting, stopping, circling as well as their position and posture while riding. The kids have made great improvements this week and are becoming more confident each day on their horses.

At waterfront Mustang and Durango have enjoyed doing things such as playing in the water with their new friends and building sandcastles in the sand. Swimming in the lake has provided the kids with a fun activity that gives them a chance to cool off and restore their energy levels during the warm days.

One activity the girls of Mustang have particularly enjoyed is designing friendship bracelets for their ponies using a wide variety of colored string. On Thursday Durango enjoyed visiting the raptor center during their evening programs, where they were introduce to a variety of wild birds. Although Mustang and Durango have enjoyed doing activities individually, they have also appreciated spending time as a village doing evening programs and joining additional villages from Wawayanda. After their daily swim on Friday the campers enjoyed going on a walk and playing camouflage; a game where they have to hide in the undergrowth from the stationary seeker. Then both Mustang and Durango got to kick back and relax in the evening to watch the film Spirit.

These past few days have been fulled with learning, fun and team building activities and this weekend we are all looking forward to the Frost Valley Olympics.

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