Specialties are in full swing at the Farm! In our specialties, campers are cooking with farm fresh materials, performing in original theatre pieces, and shooting bows at Archery. Two of the most important specialties at the farm are in the Barn and the Garden. Each camper is required to take one week of each, so they all have the chance to learn more about how to run and maintain a farm!

Campers in the Barn specialty this morning were challenged with the task of deworming the goats and sheep. Campers worked with our livestock manager, Charlotte, to administer medicine to our sheep. This is a part of the experience of what it’s like to run an animal farm, and our campers got first hand experience!

The Garden specialties learned about different kinds of seeds, textures of the plants and harvested currants for another specialty to use in their cooking. These specialty courses are essential to the Farm Camp experience because they are a view into what it means to live and work on a real Farm. It was so exciting to see our campers, new and returning, younger and older excelling in these fields.

We can’t wait to learn more tomorrow!

Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director

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