One of the things we are most proud of at Frost Valley is the diversity of our activities. Every day, we want campers to have experiences only available at camp, either due to the nature of them being specialist niches or because some activities only make sense at Summer Camp.

Whilst many seem to be stand alone programs, many can be grouped based on what we want the learning outcomes to be. Today I was fortunate to see two very different activities aiming towards the same goals in our Wellness program.

First I saw Vivien teaching yoga as seen below;

Yoga 1
Through her guided yoga period I saw young men and women walking away physically stretched and loose, yet mentally rested and content.

Yoga 2


And in the afternoon, I came across Kate, our Organic Gardening specialist. After finishing a lesson with Sacky & Hemlock, campers were given the opportunity to write down what they wanted to do next in the garden.

Organic Garden
Check marks were then written next to other people’s suggestions, thus deciding what the group would get up to in the next day’s specialty period. They even asked if they could do some of the work in their free time.

When we design our programs we aim to include all, make it engaging and fun, and provide the campers with an opportunity to learn. When it comes to Wellness, we learn skills that allow us to grow in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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